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This work would not have been possible without the generous support of the following persons and institutions:

Christopher P. Atwood​ 艾騖德

Shellie Audsley


Bian He 邊和


Cameron Campbell 康文林


Huang Lijun 黃麗君


Eugenia S. Kim 金尚美


Kung Ling-wei 孔令偉

James Lee 李中清


Gary Chi-hung Luk 陸志鴻


Matthew Mosca 馬世嘉


David Porter 大衛·波特


Qi Jinxin 祁今馨


Evelyn Rawski 羅友枝


Song Nianshen 宋念申


Tang Ge 唐戈


​Jessica Valdez

Ute Wallenböck

Wang Yuanchong 王元崇

Rebekah Wong


Benjamin Yang (PanLex)


Veronika Zikmundová


Division of Humanities, School of Humanities and Social Sciences,

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



Heilongjiang Provincial Library, Local Documents division 黑龍江省圖書館地方文獻資料室


Manchu Studies Group 滿洲歷史語言研究會


Organizers of the CALA (Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology) 2019 conference



Research Grants Council of Hong Kong for General Research Fund (GRF) 17601317 “Weaving Onomastic Tapestries: Corpus-Building and Analysis of Non-Chinese Names in Northeastern China, 1368-1948”


​(in alphabetical order by the surname of each individual and institution name)

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