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Conference: Chengyi in Zhuhai

Stunned by the silvery coastal line of the Tangjia Bay, my experience of the “Manchu Language and Research on Qing History” Workshop 滿語與清史研究工作坊, hosted by the Sun Yat-sen University (Zhuhai Campus), was filled with sparkling delights. Not only was it my first time meeting the big names of the field, including Prof. Ding Yizhuang and Prof. Liu Xiaomeng, in person, I was also able to present my project to many young scholars of various areas of Manchu studies, with quite a number of them are doctoral candidates just like me. Apart from scholarly exchanges during and after the panel discussions, I fully enjoyed the casual talks happened on the dinner table, besides the refreshing bar, on the way to the conference room. They altogether enriched my knowledge of how many topics are internally related, and applied with different approaches, meanwhile kept reassuring me the significance of studying Manchu language, its culture, and people, both for the historical value and contemporary relevance. I am grateful to be welcomed as a member of the community, and would like to express my heart-felt thanks to all who have made this workshop possible, and all who have inspired me during that three exciting days in Zhuhai (November 2-4, 2019, Zhuhai).

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